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New Email Software Announcement


Kevin Fahey has teamed up with Steve Hawkins to produce a piece of software that will just blow you away with its simple efficiency.

This new software is the “bees knees”.

All you have to do is input a cvs file with all of your email ddresses from your autoresponder, format it and let it run in the background.

In a short time it will tell you (and you can input additional variables as well) which, and how many email addresses are not good.

Do you need this?

I certainly do and thought you might too, thats why I am sending you this “heads­up”.

Just think how many subscribers you have from free downloads, or free reports.

Think how many giveaway programs you have been in over time and collected subscribers from.

You pay a cost for every subscriber on your list . . .

How much money do you throw away each year paying for subscribers who do not respond?

Plus, your open and click through rate (CTR) is being distortioned by you NOT knowing how many of those addresses are active!

But Kevin and Steve have already seen this problem and are about to hand you the solution.

This solution is economical, safe and you can repeat it as often as you like.

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